Kleid by Serena Davini

CHF 2'700.00

«CHAIN DRESS”, made by cady fabric, featured by a breast strap and a belt. The sleeves are embellished with bracelet. The dress has size 38.

Serena Davini started working as an assistant designer in 2000, after finishing her studies at the Accadamy of Fine Art di Brera, and later become a product manager of women’s clothing .

Pushed by her powerful ambition, she founded her first company just three years later and from then on was the proud owner of Pupigia.

For eleven years she dedicated herself to creating and producing collections with a unique and personalized style.

Then, in 2014, Serena created a new brand of the name Serena Davini and took the initiative to open a showroom for her clothing line in downtown Milan.


The brand Serena Davini is designed for women who have the courage to leave the conventional and to stand out among the crow in modern elegance.

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