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Scorpio – The worldwide web. Midwives. Me and the “saturn figure” of 2019 (and prior years) are separating, so there is a big change going on in my life/living situation. Fairness. Thanks again! I’m wondering if you are able to look at my chart and give me an idea of where to focus in 2020, so I can hope to get my life back on track? He was born American (Sagittarius) to a foreign mother (Sagittarius) and travelled the world (Sagittarius) writing (Gemini) for the media (Gemini) and later publishers (Sagittarius). Welche Lösungen und kreativen Möglichkeiten haben Sie für diese Energien gefunden? He is guarded by his dog, Cerberus. First one now, second one end of June, third one in November. You may have been deeply concerned by the behaviour of politicians, businessmen, or others in positions of power, misusing or abusing their situation. Regional differences – as Scotland is to England. The traditional one set for January 26th, 1788 at 5.21am in Sydney shows Saturn at 28 Aquarius, the sign ruling political parties. Your soul and spirit. There are a few ‘birth’ charts for Australia. We now have Uranus (the revolt or rebellion) in Taurus (the bull). Menschen mit dieser Konstellation haben großen Erfolg im Leben und übernehmen oft berufliche Führungspositionen, ganz besonders dann, wenn sich Jupiter und Pluto im 10. You might say that what you achieve, or where you climb to socially, is a holiday from reality. So, one adopts a religion or even a foreign place and its people – as one’s own. Politicians. I strongly advise against taking your son with you and moving back home unless you have the money and/or the home lined up and secure. This was a collaboration government, shunned by many working people and students. A family member. Harmony. Rich or poor. Your boyfriend. Your town. Both couples have struggled this year to get to this point with the first piece of work scheduled for early February next year. Your wardrobe. Some of these will be potential lovers. Any system or structure that does not serve you has to go, and inside it, any organisations or people which just don’t suit you or fit you. in what house?). (Or the good women). It brings with it the chance to share and also pick up knowledge, learning, education. Your food. Groups, clubs and teams. I am a Cap with many Cap and Virgo factors in the range of numbers you have referenced in the article. Your postings have been helping me get through this horrid time. But you are having a Jupiter/Jupiter-Pluto Return. The unpaid work you do. I’m just a bit concerned about his natal conjunction of Jupiter & Uranus being opposed on 12th January by Saturn & Pluto too. Your husband. The PC completely changed the balance of power, right around the world, as it puts the controls in the hands of the people. It’s not appropriate for you. Understanding What a Conjunction Can Trigger. One thing I realised is, many of us gave our power away. Write down everything you feel and get rid of it. Bring some light in. One person in the group in particular is wobbly, wavering or in question. how does the MC/IC play out besides looking like an ancestor in Natrual Sign Ast? Anything else you want to add would be great as well. I might have a look at the New Zealand and Australian national charts in a moment, but it looks like NSW and Queensland are going to Tasmania or New Zealand. Both of them show Pluto at 27 Capricorn the sign of government. Things like teaching yoga/meditation, and working for a not-for-profit venture, and volunteering at a nearby food bank and homeless shelter. I feel like I am giving birth to a new version of myself, and it is nothing like where I’ve been or what I’ve been doing from a work perspective. What you are describing is the Cancer-Capricorn clash in the heavens which can pull you in two different directions. Without massive pollution, without massive abuse of animals, without the massive power of money. 2019 has been soul destroying and I have lost my confidence to make a sensible decision. You’re written ability. This is karma from the South Node in Sagittarius in your Ninth House, which is all about regional/international connections and he has so much to offer. We have not seen a Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn since the year 1771 ,when on February 25th Jupiter stood at 18 Capricorn and Pluto was also at 18 Capricorn. Your shoes and accessories. In Verbindung mit Pluto geht es auch darum, dass wir Loslassen müssen, uns dem … Repetitive time. Your use of witchcraft, and its use of you. Social media. Capacity for enormous wealth. Um festzustellen, welche Bedeutung die diesjährigen Jupiter-Pluto-Konjunktionen in Ihrem individuellen Horoskop haben, ist es nützlich als ersten Schritt die Stellungen von Jupiter und Pluto in Ihrem Radix zu betrachten. She was also ‘born’ on 7th November 1917, at 11.12pm, with Neptune at 7 Leo. it finally depends on what WE ALL visualize and do: that quanten-magnetic-energy-vibe we go in, every day. I do not want to be pushy, at the same time I want to give it all I can and fight to save it, because I love him. 22Cap51’50. The top job. Much Love! Jupiter Sekstil MC. The contents of your will. Jupiter Konjunktion Pluto. People born in the 1990’s who are old enough to be your children. I understand you don’t want to be affected by this legal dispute and court battle. Gemini – Family money. That’s Pluto. 2020 is all about the actual partnership, double-act, duet or relationship. A new universe with a shift in the controls. Again, the PC itself is the result of a Jupiter-Pluto duet. Does he symbolise the return of the Catholic church and it’s power with this conjunction? South Africa always has been, always will be, complicated. Let’s look at Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions and what they have delivered in the past, all the way back to the last war. Bad builders! It’s illuminating. Moon 04Sco10, 3rd Conj November 12 You need to figure out a way to keep firm boundaries (‘Come and have a go, if you think you’re hard enough’) so that you keep certain people far away – but also have the new time and energy to get rid of the low-hanging fruit on the family tree. Supervisor has resigned. You’re ahead of the game actually. or it this 3rd JUP/PLUTO is the conclusion of a period of lies, manipulations, power-surge, power-abuse by dark forces. Your town or county. Thanks for the article. Dates and Details, Free Weekly Astrology Lesson: Minerva and Mod Astrology, Australia in 2021 Psychic Astrology Forecast, Free Weekly Astrology Lesson: Mod Astrology, The Capricorn Birthday Horoscope 2020-2021, 2020 Astrology: Your Five Year Horoscope Guide (Kindle), Your Weekly Horoscopes January 4th to January 10th, 2021, Travelling With Jupiter September-November 2019, April 5th: Jupiter 24 Capricorn conjunct Pluto 24 Capricorn, June 30th: Jupiter 24 Capricorn conjunct Pluto 24 Capricorn, November 12th Jupiter 22 Capricorn conjunct Pluto 22 Capricorn. You could easily travel or move next year. The Saturn-Pluto 2019 Atmosphere – Going, Going, Gone! Your banks or building societies. She refuses to go into her hen house and instead is roosting on top of the shed. Thus, in 1943, she experienced an exact quincunx (an uncomfortable but fated pattern) by Jupiter and Pluto to Saturn in her horoscope. They thought it was a cat.... @Birmingham_81 @rockyoriordan Happy Birthday to you, and may your stars align, Capricorn O'Riordan @rockyoriordan ♑️... @ForsterjpJoan It will be interesting to see if Donald and Melania relive their past lives in Germany and Scotland one more time.... @MellyE1208 @IsSabreen @nmumneh Thanks Melly. Landlords. She was also born with Uranus at 11 Scorpio. Just one degree away. Confession. Watch the dates above. Keeping a diary would be marvellously therapeutic for you. Or at least things will be changing. My mom born on Jupiter Pluto conjuction in Leo 1943 Leo. Thank you for this article which brings hope, I like so many of your readers have articulated here, have experienced a miserable year, particularly at work. The sign of politics and big business. This should be a time of large-scale achievement and success that makes you happy and content well into the future. You are going to surf that wave to a turnaround. There is something bigger than you guiding this. Oktober steht der rückläufige Mars im Widder im Quadrat zu Pluto im Steinbock. Foreign accents, beliefs and customs. One politician in particular will have a huge charismatic appeal and big following. In the areas of life below, you have been taken over, or controlled by people, organisations or just forces – beyond your control. Your pension or superannuation. Had to return to original career to financial make ends meet. But have a question regarding Nodes: I thought the path is always to move AWAY from the South Node towards the NN cause SN is Karmic and we are here to fulfill the NN? Your size and shape. Or is there something else in my chart that stands out? The legacies left to you. i have taken on this position and while I am not receiving salary at this point, is promised potential as well as shares in the company. Hi Jessica, You will go off alone to sort this out. The chart for Japan set for 11th February 1889 at 12.00pm in Tokyo shows that Neptune, again, at 29 Taurus. What a very inspirational post. Are you an ’81 baby like me? The Book of World Horoscopes, Nicholas Campion, The Wessex Astrologer, Bournemouth, 2004, 1001 Days That Shaped the World, Peter Furtado, Quintessence, London 2008, Tables of Planetary Phenomena, Neil F. Michelsen, Revisions by Rique Pottenger, Starcrafts Publishing, New Hampshire 2007, History, Adam Hart-Davis, Dorling Kindersley, London 2015. It’s really been like ‘My way or the highway’ for so long. Your mental health, including anxiety, insomnia and depression. If you are counting, the chicken(s) laid 7 eggs over 3 weeks. Before that, we found Jupiter at 12 Capricorn and Pluto at 12 Capricorn on January 28th, 1522. moments as I experience life and what you have predicted. Hi Jessica, Or, working class people who become rich and famous. A coalition government of national unity came to South Africa. Youth culture. 9:57:19 Paris . Your business. This is really not who you are. The Law. So right around the end of July, beginning of August, the running mate is selected. Resignations and sackings are common on this cycle, and so are sideways moves (people being shifted out of their role). Natal Jupiter Conjunct Pluto – Bill Gates 0°34′ No yod, but big Leo-Cancer story. How does this affect my chart both personally and career wise. How did Russia become open to the world after the Glasnost and Perestroika of the 1980’s? It is the symbolic union of two planets. The astrology chart really comes alive when you use Cupido and Psyche together.... RT @samaritans: We are still open, no matter what. Before 2010 i knew little about narcissism and the construct of bully behaviour. When and if the time is right you will return to people and try again. I use two house systems for date-stamped accurate predictions. © 1996-2021 Goddess Media Limited. Can I suggest you think about walking or hiking by yourself? The first multiracial elections see the end of white rule. This slow-moving planet’s transits are long-lasting, and each transit takes its time to unfold. The apex is Regulus, and the Progressed Age of Aquarius Moon (geocentric). Selfishness, greed, jealousy, or revenge should definitely not be your motivation. Jessica. There is a right way to navigate those two and put them to work for your advantage. High Society. I’m hoping that it’s a positive for me (Jupiter 24 degrees in Virgo) as it forms a trine to these conjunctions next year? It provides a good few laughs too, eg. Thank you Saru. Can you encourage them to do that? Your actual house, garden or apartment. Og igen – om du bliver påvirket af den afhænger at hvor det finder sted i dit individuelle horoskop. December 1994 was the Jupiter 28 Scorpio + Pluto 28 Scorpio conjunction, which was your cue for a sweeping property and financial transformation. I make precision prediction, dated-stamped and time-stamped, months and years in advance using only one system; Natural Houses. Jupiter-Pluto reaches to the bottom of any subject, and can achieve a deep level of knowledge about a particular topic. It’s yours. Resentment. Jupiter’s conjunctions to Pluto tend to produce sweeping triumphs of right over wrong. Go in resonance with that Jupiter/Pluto energy to figure it out. Jupiter Sekstil Neptun. Hi Jessica, my sun is at 25 Virgo, doesn’t the Jupiter /Pluto conjunction in Capricorn fall in my 5 th House ? The conjunction between Jupiter, the benefactor with the big vision and Saturn, confronting us with obstacles and problems along the way we have to get ready. A change in the balance of power for Mexico, Spain and America. majority and the sad end to the economic success story of S.A. one might say “well this is justice” but is it? My NN is in Cap. Diamond mines. Will they go in the clear out of 2020? Your yoga, meditation, non-profit volunteering and new connection with God are part of your early call into the Aquarius weather. A deep change in the balance of power in South Africa with a wave of great hope for the future. Astrology is history. Is this relevant to these conjunctions? I år er progressiv Mars i opposition til hendes radix Merkur, endnu en indikation på det mentale pres hun er under. As the PC was for the whole world, what does the United Nations chart, set for 24th October 1945 at 4.45pm in Washington, show? The last 9 years have been difficult bumpy ride regarding employment, income, finances all with a lot of anxiety/stress. This combination of planets tends to favour reform. Get online and stay online. And that’s why you have nothing in Capricorn! Astrology takes the themes or symbolic meaning of past events and applies it to tomorrow: this is why we can predict the future. This is why we use the North Node and South Node cycles which go backwards through the 12 zodiac signs in 19-year loops. It’s time to get good with money. Jupiter steht für Wachstum, Pluto für Macht. But here you suggest embracing the SN style of Sagittarius? Will you look at my chart, then tell me what book might be the most helpful ? To add to my comment above, in vedic astrology it is believed that “things that are meant to happen , will happen”, but I know that “free will” plays a big role in western astrology belief. Rings. Yet, they are perfectly comfortable using them as a source of information in their analyses.” “Although, SPR thoroughly sources information they often use very poor sources that lack credibility. It sounds very interesting. The see-saw. Also, the beautiful Venus in my zodiac sign of Sagittarius has done nothing for me. We are looking at a far more important cycle for you, which is Jupiter and Saturn going into Aquarius at the end of next year, after a strange delay or reversal, at the start of the year, with Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius. Your wife. Refusing to budge. He takes and takes over. The United States also has a few charts. Associations and political parties. You need this long pause before you take action, especially in terms of the family, your roots, place in the world and direction. To have the Sun at 24 Cancer in the Fourth House is to shine – at your best – through the family. It is not normal to feel precarious, hopeless or have dread. Did you know there is a new guidebook, Your Oracle, available to you as a Premium Member? Virgo – Pregnancy. December 11th – Jupiter conjunct Pluto at 28 Sagittarius. There’s food trucks, ofcourse, and has been since carts were invenTed. But on the plus side – I am letting go of a lot of things. There is always this tremendous concern with the past in South Africa. So you are not alone. As Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all cross this from 2020 onwards, until 2023, you can expect a massive transformation in your career, or unpaid work, leading to the most tremendous empowerment – yet only after you face facts and own your actual control or power in a situation. The budget. There can be an interest in life’s mysteries a deep searching for the answers to the very meaning of life. If you’re feeling like…... Posted on Twitter on September 12th, 2019 back when we thought #Brexit would never end. The tightrope act for two. I have had many ah! Sagittarius – Your PayPal loan. All these cycles have never happened together in your life, and never will again. You’ll feel right at home, and be in total command. I have Proserpina 22 Virgo, Ops 24 Capricorn and Salacia 21 Capricorn. I’m as interested as you are, because friends from the Central Coast of New South Wales are now evacuating into my beach house, ahead of terrifying fire warnings and this sort of advice (‘Go to a shopping centre’). Democracy triumphs in South Africa in 1994. Find me on Twitter @jessicacadams for updates and a conversation about Astrology. By November things are under control. People dig in. This all happens in the Eleventh House of your chart, which is associated with friendships, groups, teams, clubs, circles, communities and networks. Give space and ask for space. Jupiter Sekstil Jupiter. Any circumstances where you have felt your personal power diminished, or others misusing or abusing their powerful position, can be turned around. A huge week astrology wise for me personally and for the world. Capricorn – Your reputation. I’m good at what I do but I’m sick of the people who do nothing and sit in judgement. She was born with Saturn at 29 Capricorn in the Tenth House of government, big business and high society. Thanks in advance! Every your insight seems as taken from my life. Thank you and no problem, I am really happy to answer questions when I can – I have just landed back at my studio in Tasmania again so have some time. He was a celibate monk. These evolve from a very difficult situation in January 2020, but pick up marvellously at the end of March, early April, then again at the end of June, early July and with a lovely big finish in November next year. Your role. If you find you have money, fantastic. Once we get into November helio Saturn and Jupiter align, and we soon see the results. On July 4th, the Russians halted a German attack at the Battle of Kursk. The truth is they still want to sleep with each other.

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